The Decade of Experts Approaches

Ending a decade in style, entering the new one full of excitement

December is a busy time. The year is coming to an end and projects need tying up. It is a time for reflection on all the experiences accumulated throughout the year, and a time to look into the new one. On social media, and especially a platform like LinkedIn, this is only further accentuated when we are on the cusp of a new decade.

For a young company like ours, looking back ten years bears little relevance. Ten years ago, some of us were still in high school, while others were just starting their Master’s Programme. Those years are of course formative, but in a more general sense than just in relation to Knowledge Gate Group. Instead we would like to single out the past three months and look forward to the new decade.

 October was all about establishing a baseline. Our team doubled in size and the feedback we got from our clients was endearing to say the least. The boost it gives, when a client’s feedback completely vindicates our choice to open up expert networks to other companies than the traditional clients, is a rush.

November was to be all about accelerating our business – or so we thought. Instead we had our very first master class in how to navigate the bureaucracy of the Danish public sector. It was a frustrating experience, but simultaneously we experienced a growing interest for our project and at one point our LinkedIn metrics were bordering the +1500% territory for follows, engagements and exposures.

Then December came and it has been a wild ride. For us the 16th was the key date, and it did not disappoint. In November, we were approached by the biggest accelerator program in the Nordics, Accelerace, who invited us to apply for their program, and on the 16th we got the final confirmation that we got in. That was of course cause for celebrations at the office and the cold bottle of Champagne, we had saved for special occasions, was opened. Once again, this confirmed to us that we are on the right track and provides some pretty exciting perspectives for 2020.

Road-mapping 2020

We have plans for 2020, big plans. 2020 will be the year where we break ground on new areas of our business. We are looking forward to hosting our very first events, looking forward to be able to give back in an impactful way for meaningful causes, looking forward to welcoming a lot of new faces to our team, and last but not least looking forward to helping even more companies to eradicate their uncertainties through micro-consultations.

[…] the cold bottle of Champagne, we had saved for special occasions, was opened.

A priority for us in 2020, will be to enhance the client-experience, making it even easier for companies to access industry experts and test their assumptions. We will also be introducing new ways for your company to obtain external knowledge, that we are very excited about. Finally, we will be upping our efforts in terms of content creation, with an exciting project in the pipeline, but more on that in the new year.


It is not without a sense of pride and awe we approach the next decade. 2019 was an eyeopener for us, the year where our project was validated in so many ways, and we are taking this confidence with us into 2020. It is scary, it is fun, it is surreal, and it is so incredibly exciting. We are ready for the new decade!