Finding Experts Easily

Finding the perfect expert for your project can seem a daunting task, but in reality it has never been easier.

A client of ours coined it for us in a post-project debriefing: “What Knowledge Gate Group provides, is an arena for us to test our assumptions on the people who matters the most.” In their talks with the experts we had provided, they got to do a deep dive into everything from pricing to future growth avenues, and for a company governed by data, these insights had a direct impact on their business. By entering the arena designed to test their assumptions and actively participating in the conversation with the experts, they were able to qualify their strategic decision-making, and so can you.

As we disclosed in a previous blog, Expert Networks used to be reserved for the huge consultancies and invest banking firms – a dirty, little secret, if you want – but no more. At Knowledge Gate Group we are opening up the arena for testing assumptions to the companies that need it the most. Is your company i.e. looking to expand into new markets or innovate your business-model, you can qualify the process by testing your assumptions with industry experts. Do you want to explore how optimized your pricing strategy is or do you want to do a deep dive into how a new technology can be utilized to further your business, then talking to the right experts is the fastest way to do this.

Finding the right expert

There are usually three different approaches to finding the right expert. First, you can get lucky and the perfect expert just appears in front of you out of nowhere. This happens extremely rarely, and as such, you should probably be a bit critical. Secondly, you could dedicate a large amount of time to trawl through your extended network for relevant experts. This is what has been the most popular approach historically, but is time consuming and easily neglectable. Lastly, you can engage with an Expert Network, and after you have defined the areas you want to talk to experts on, let them find the right professionals for you, without any personal biases and on a case-by-case basis.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

The first thing we do at Knowledge Gate Group, when we start a new project, is to confirm your knowledge objective and timeline. From there our research analysts are unleashed, finding and reaching out to potentially relevant experts. We always design our search to the individual project, and by vetting our experts thoroughly, we ensure the expert lives up to our standards as well as the outline of the project, minimizing the risk of time wasted. After we have vetted our experts, you decide which experts you want to engage with, and then we take care of all the scheduling. We provide you and the expert with localized dial-ins for your 1-hour call, and then it is your time to test your assumptions.


Ben Franklin is quoted saying: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Today, more than ever, we can celebrate that fact, and by stepping into our arena to test your assumptions, you are off to a good start. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on [email protected] and let us support your search for the right expert.