Leveling up Agile Processes

No matter how agile your processes are, you need to be strategic in your planning. This article shows you how experts can turbocharge your processes.

Back in September 2018, an HBR article claimed that planning and agile were not opposites, and at Knowledge Gate Group we agree with that assessment. The idea that when converting to an agile approach, you need to throw away all planning, is a surefire recipe for disastrous results. As with all creativity, you need to harness the process and be highly disciplined, when working in an agile setting. Total freedom does in fact not equal total creativity and innovation.


At Knowledge Gate Group we are huge fans of agile processes, it resonates with our own internal approach. The concept of constantly testing and optimizing the way we do things not only leads to new insights, but also to a generally stronger product, we can offer to our clients. Everything is of course done with our milestones and targets in mind, but by being prepared to switch up our habits, we are ready to leverage new trends and possibilities.


When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises, most companies find themselves in the same position as us, and the scary sense of feeling like you are making everything as you move along is a topic for another day. By embracing the agile mindset, whilst keeping an eye on your overarching strategy and goals, you get to test out every part of the journey moving forward, and what better way to do this, than testing your assumptions on industry experts.

Experts turbocharge your process

Imagine getting inputs directly from your dream-client that you can directly incorporate in your next iteration of your product, or putting your business model to the test in the eyes of a seasoned juggernaut of the industry. By applying an agile mindset to the development of your business, and using an expert network to find experts with different backgrounds, you can tune all the different aspects of your venture.

As with all creativity, you need to harness the process and be highly disciplined […]

In the agile framework you are prompted to develop a hypothesis, design a prototype, and release it to your customers. Based on the reception, you rinse and repeat, and build on the product. By engaging with an expert every time, you are to develop your hypothesis or need to test your product, you are getting firsthand feedback from people specifically selected to support you, thus qualifying your product.


If you want to start approaching external knowledge resources in an agile manner, don’t hesitate to reach out. At Knowledge Gate Group few things beat when we find the perfect expert for the project, and we have witnessed firsthand, how the right piece of advice at the right time can mean a world of difference.