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KOL management, KEE, Therapy area experts

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An Artificial Intelligence powered platform

Connecting human intelligence to real world application

Access to browse, select and engage directly with a broad range of therapy area experts

Interactive sessions with a broad range of local and international experts to help you answer critical business and research questions

Automated management of all contractual, compliance and confidentiality requirements

Mapping and recruiting of subject matter experts according to your needs

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KOL management, KEE, Therapy area experts

How we do it

  • Our tech analyzes clinical trials, academic articles, conferences, government reports, databases, and social media to automatically identify and rank key opinion leaders.

  • We automatically reach out and after passing a manual vetting the experts are invited to be a part of our invitation-only platform.

  • Experts are then available for knowledge exchange session. Non-disclosure agreements, terms & conditions, and compliance requirements are taken care of and available on demand.

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